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All about me!


My name is Emily and I am in year 7 at St Laurence School. I am in 7LG5 and am thoroughly enjoying every second of this new school.  St Laurence school is in Bradford-on-Avon, Wiltshire and is a great school which offers a wide range of opportunities. One of the things that has made my transition very calm and easy has been the friendliness from teachers to pupils and the chances I have been given to have a go at. I have a confession, I may have committed to one too many things, which has not been the best of plans and can sometimes put me under stress and pressure. However, I love being busy and having lots of things to do, so these commitments  were worth a lot and all of these exciting opportunities are lots of fun and don’t regret a bit of the time!

My favourite subject is Drama but I love all of them! I hope to vary in my post and hope you enjoy reading them.

I was really excited to take on this role as a blogger for year 7 and St Laurence school. I hope you enjoyed reading this and I hope to post again soon.

Thank you


Great blogging!

Well done everyone, there are some great posts here and you have attracted comments from all over the world! If you want to ask me anything, look at the Blogging surgery window further down this page.

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About me, Olivia

Hi Everyone!

I am Olivia and I go to St Laurence School! Having got a blog of my own, I love blogging and hope you enjoy reading our posts as much as we enjoy writing them! I am loving St Laurence and all the opportunities that it offers! The transition from Primary school to Secondary has been really smooth and school has ensured that we can all settle in well. That also means embracing all the homework set…

I love art and the freedom you have to be creative! I also love writing and so enjoy English. Writing stories is a particular favourite! Since auditioning 3 years ago, I have been a cast member of a theatre company and have performed in their plays; I really love acting the drama as a subject!

Thank you for reading this post and  hope you like the many more posts to come!


Pizza making at St Laurence!!!

My learning group (LG8) made our own pizzas in RmTx- food. We had several different types of pizza being made like for example the common type- margarita or we had other unusual ones that included things like chicken and sweet corn.

I created my own pizza which included 3 toppings which were ham, pineapple and pepperoni. The good thing about this pizza making experience was that I finished with amazing results and my family enjoyed my pizza.

I think that creating this type of food, that lots of people enjoy was great fun and I can’t wait to make more of my own pizza at home.

Polly 🙂

Iona’s Interesting Ideas Remembrance Day!

Remembrance Day!

A few weeks ago it was Remembrance day now this is a very important time in England and probably other countries too but it is to remember the people who died fighting for our country. Also we remember the horrors that have gone on in the world and we should never forget those horrible things. We need to remember but in my opinion we should act as well. Everyone just think for a moment in your day about those heroic people who risked their lives for us.

Less We Forget…


Really Is This The End?

                          Really Is This The End?

                                     Part I

My heart thudding. My pulse pounding. Then I saw a figure in the TV screen. My blood ran cold. Was it her again?

30 days earlier I was happily eating a sandwich and speaking to my friends Melody and Sapphire then they went silent when they looked out the window and it was all revealed. A young girl who could have only been about 3 or 4 was staring at me like she was the vulture and I was the prey. “Do you know her Mellissa?” Melody asked in a south American accent. It was a good question: did I know her?

I looked back at her and she was still staring like she was about to pounce, the tiger instinct in her eyes. I realised who sent her to freak us out or I thought I did. “It must be one of Meredith’s little tricks again. Don’t worry guys, I’ll go out and tell her that she can go home now and we know who sent her,” I said to the girls.

I walked out into the bare street and started speaking to her. I wish it ended there and that I just walked back to Melody and Sapphire, but I didn’t get back there for a long, long time…

Performing Arts! (Drama, music, dance)


This blog will be about performing arts at St. Laurence. We have Drama, Dance and Music.


We have been doing flashbacks, freeze frames and improvising. Some topics we have done are, Babysitting, Granny’s day out and the broken artwork.


This is the lesson most of us find hard. Its very energetic and you have a lot of pressure on

you shoulders. We are now doing the nutcracker so lots of sweets!!


We have varied music lessons. Singing ,keyboard work and writing pieces for the

school production.


Earlier in the term we had the Orchestra of the age of enlightenment come in and

spend a day with 2lgs for a week. At the end we performed our finished pieces  to

the years 6s of local schools!

I hope you enjoyed getting to know about performing arts at st.Laurence

Meg 🙂

Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment


OAE Workshops Friday-6

As a cover teacher, I see a wide range of lessons each day, from theory work to practicals, and everything in between, each a delight in themselves. However, when I was told that I would be covering an Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment session, my heart jumped for joy. It meant that I was able to snoop on the inner workings of a highly organised and frenzied production. I loved every minute of it!

From year 6 the students are slowly weaned onto the idea that they will be performing in their very own opera. It has become tradition for year 7 to perform to year 6 in a ‘funny’ and ‘interactive’ performance. This time it was the turn of Purcell’s Dido Aeneas a piece made famous in the reformation. A collaboration lead by Cherry Forbes, James Redwood, and the performing arts team. Each student spent a day and a half working together to produce a unique and modernised version of the opera.  Josh in year 7 said that it was such a nice experience to be creative with both music and drama, an idea which was shared by many working with and in the performance. With plenty of parts to fill, the tale of tragic love had themes of witches, betrayal, sailors and ultimately friendship. Watching the performance I saw many people being a part of many different aspects of the production, and not one person was left out.

OAE themselves, are a company which travels the breadth of England, usually doing a 2 day workshop with schools. We at St Laurence are lucky to have them for a whole week! All of those who work with OAE are experienced in creating a performance in a short space of time, one which has the flavours of authenticity whilst mixed with individuality. Using authentic techniques and older instruments the students got an idea of what operas would have been like back in the day of the reformation.

Here the students had to step out of their comfort zone, encouraging them to try new things. This is something they will explore further in Black Voices in year 9. Working outside of their learning groups helped year 7 to meet new people they had not yet had the chance to meet, forming new friendships, and remembering old ones. The main flavour of OAE was to perform an interesting and creative production, but it also explored Dido Aeneas’ themes of participation and friendship, each adding to the outcome of a wonderful and unique experience.