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The cellar part 2

I turned the handle and pushed the door open. Before me was nothing but darkness…….

I crept inside like I was a burglar in someone’s house. Fear drained me as I looked through the empty light. As I carried on, I felt a dead end and there was a tiny light bulb hanging in the corner of the cellar. Underneath the light was a table with 3 legs so was on its side.

A note ripped from a notepad was left on the surface for me to read. Therefore I scanned along the words until the end of the sentence. It didn’t take me long as the only letters written were: ‘I knew you would come’ That’s when I was real scared. I let go of the paper and didn’t watch it float to the floor. Instead I ran across the room and back out into the light. I slammed the door behind me and continued running until I was in my room again.

Who had written those words? I thought. I didn’t recognise the handwriting so it belonged to a stranger. I glanced back outside my window and I just stared trying to block the fear out. But I couldn’t because I was frightened. I have to say I have only felt this feeling twice. Once when I was younger but I can’t remember why and twice a year ago when Mum died. I couldn’t let her go then because she was the most important person to me. She was the glue of this family. Dad just ruins everything now its just him alone.

“Why?!” I cried out loud, “Why did I bother going down there?” But I didn’t even think about that now. I only thought about who had written that note…

Christmas is soooo Close!!!!!!!!!

I can’t bear waiting for Christmas!  Only 10 more days. At Christmas we have a family tradition of putting a 5p in or Christmas Pudding and also after we finish eating we play a game of cards. Our house is decorated with loads of lights and tinsel etc. We have our advents up and our tree is looking very Christmassy. For Christmas I’d like to re design my room. What do you want???

Evan 🙂

Soyuz rocket

This morning a soviet rocket which is part of the Soyuz rocket family – meaning “union” in Russian – was launched, heading for the I.S.S for 5pm. the Soyuz branch are the only type of rockets that can be transported to the I.S.S following the disposal of the U.S space shuttle program in 2011!

Read Evans blog about what they’ll get up to for more interesting facts!😜


Its nearly Christmas!!!

Its Christmas 2015 in 12 sleeps time!! Are you excited and what are you looking forward to most? What presents are you hoping to get??

I am most excited about the presents, roast dinner and also Christmas eve. I am hoping to receive a brand new purple camera so I can take pictures and video more because I enjoy photography.

Polly 🙂


BBC 500 Words ! Part 1

My blog today is about BBC 500 Words !

So there are some amazing stories on BBC 500 Words , and I thought I’d blog about it .

I will be recommending my favourites , copying up the Gold, Silver, and Bronze winners and I am also going to enter this year and Part 2 will be about my experience .Enjoy !



My favourites out of the top 50 for 2015 ( 10-13 yrs ) are as follows …

Sleeping Beauty summary

So Beauty loved Facebook , and she was very popular , but a hacker – Malificent – saw her page and hacked her account . And that’s all I’m going to tell you … READ IT !

I like the fact that it is a modern twist on and old story …

The Forgotten Celery summary

Basically , the Forgotten Celery is the journey of a celery , until he’s eaten . There’s  another story like this ; the Journey of a Sock .

I like the fact that it tells the story from a celery’s point of view …

And that’s my two favourites …


Gold winner …

 Amabel Smith

I like the fact that it tells the future …


Silver winner …

Hannah Sennouni

I like the fact that it tells the story that pigeons are better than you would think.



Bronze winner …

Lara Akhurst

I like the fact that it describes different memories in the water.

Thanks for reading and see you soon!



The cellar……….

I glanced out my window and the bright lights of Glasgow was all that faced me. High in the  sky lay the moon with its rays shadowing the city below. I was alone in the house and the only thought in my mind right at this present moment was to go down to the cellar. I had been tempted to go down there ever since I had moved into this house. That was nearly 5 years ago and still Dad hasn’t allowed me even though I’m 13 and a rebel. Apparently its too “dangerous”.

Tonight would be my only chance as Dad and my brothers are out somewhere in the city centre. They said they were going to a sporting event or something; I don’t know and I don’t care. I jumped down from my window still and ran down to the entrance of the cellar. It was dark down there with a small lampshade hanging from the ceiling and an empty shelf stood in the corner of the room. That was all.  In front of me, was a door similar to the others in the house except there was a large sign with the words: “DANGEROUS, DO NOT ENTER” What a load of rubbish! I thought. Its just another room in the house. How could danger crawl amongst it?

I turned the handle and pushed the door open. Before me was nothing but darkness…



We should be able to make a dinosaur using dioxerebonuklikacid and genetics

if we make dinosaurs from dioxerebonuklikacid and genetics it will create a cell that cant live and will die but in theory if we can take out the bad bits of dioxerebonuklikacid and replace it with good dioxerebonuklikacid and the cell will be able to live, although it will take more than words to make scientists agree letting dinosaurs walk the earth once again, weather the T-rex will become the king of the world would have to be impossible if the human race is going to survive the dinosaurs.



science particles

In science we have learning about particles and diffusion. There are three main particle states solid the particles are stuck together they cant be compressed they cant move but they do vibrate

Liquid particles are still together but some do float away. They cannot be compressed but they do move around each other  unlike a solid.

Gas particles are free to move anywhere they can be compressed to fit curtain shapes.

When particles diffuse they move from a high concentration to a low concentration. curtain particles diffuse at different speeds.Also heat can affect diffusion the type of particles that diffuse the fastest are gasses because they can move the most. If their is a high temperature it will also affect it because you giving the particles more energy to move faster

Thanks for watching

What we have been learning in geography

rubbishDuring our geography lessons we have been learning about litter and how it affects the world. In one of our lessons we went around the school counting litter and seeing whether there is a litter problem at this school. We also watched videos of scientists documenting that many birds eat things that they shouldn’t. When we analysed the results it showed the school had a litter problem and that the main type of litter was gum. Plastic bottle lids were the main things birds had in them. The bottles were swept across the ocean and dumped on island which many birds live on.