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A work in progress , Part 2

I ran back to the house , realising that if I was going to be caught up in a fight I would need to be prepared . I pulled on my Doc Martens , flinging my slippers on my bedroom floor . I grabbed some gloves and a cereal bar from the kitchen , then pushing past Megan I thought out what had happened at dinner . I saw two teenage boys with hoodies and BMX’s .Then I remembered something that made a cold shiver run all the way down my spine . There had been a young girl with them . She had pigtails , a ripped pink top , a too-big skirt and no shoes . Today it had been tipping it down , and she looked terrified . I looked back towards Megan to make sure she was still there . Thank goodness . Many puzzling questions were racing through my mind . Who was this girl ? How responsible were the boys for her ? Did the teenagers know that she could be ill ? Could Dad be with them somewhere ? I headed for the park , thinking that the teenagers might have been there . It took a while to walk , but I got there . I was shocked ! Dad had been strapped to one of the swings , duct tape round his mouth , hands and feet . I ran toward him , shouting his name over and over . He gave a puzzled glance towards me , then a wave of relief splashed over his expressions . I untied him , giving him the chance to have a breath of fresh air , then interrogating him with all my questions . ” Did you see that girl ?!” I yelled , trying to make myself heard over the forthcoming storm . ” YES ! I WAS SCARED OUT OF MY WITS WHEN I SAW HER , BUT I THINK WE SHOULD DEFINITELY HELP HER !”

Dad was soaked . I threw my coat over him , shielding him from the pounding rain . I handed him my cereal bar and he took it gladly .

Everyone Loves Maths


Maths isn’t for everyone but at the moment we’re really enjoying it! We’re doing a project where we have to come up with our own hypothesis and create questionnaires to put in each other’s tutor trays. Once we have collected data from our school, we will organise our results into a chart and see whether or not our hypothesis was correct. My group’s hypothesis was;

IPhones are the most popular phone at St-Laurence.

I think that this statement will be true but I can’t wait to find out what the results will reveal to us!

By Megan

The text messages

It was a sun rise when I woke and the room was lighting up. I never got up this early but now I live on a farm I have help Dad with the early morning jobs. Out of my other 5 siblings im the oldest so I get up at sun rise and they get have a lie in. ‘Great!’ I shoved my boots on and switched the bedside lamp off. It was 6:00am by the time I had eaten my toast and Dad told me to get started and so I headed off to the barn to feed the sheep. Soon it was 7:30am and my brother Max was up and playing on his DS. Mum was feeding my younger sisters Pauline and Bella. My phone buzzed and I looked at the message that appeared. I laughed enthusiastically. Mum asked” What’s so funny Laura?”  I laughed and said “Just a message from Josie Mum,” Josie is my best friend and we have known each other for several years which makes us so close.

My phone vibrated again and another message appear. ‘Unknown’ Who sent it? I thought and looked at the text. ‘You make me sick’ I was horrified when I saw this and replied ‘Who is this?”Buzz’ I read the second text ‘A close person to you. In fact we have known each other since Y7’I texted ‘Who are you?’ Buzz. ‘I told you’ This time I didn’t reply and instead I left it and told Josie. She said not to worry and not to reply. I responded and said I already have. She told me that I should never have done as this stranger could be bullying me. Now I really was worried. So I told my parents and they told me not to get into a fuss about it, but they would keep a close eye on it.I didn’t receive any further texts that day . ‘A week later’ I didn’t get anymore for a week. Then at school my phone vibrated and I read the text ‘it was a joke’ I shrugged and followed my best friends advice…

This is just a quick story on what you should do in this scenario. Polly 🙂



In Music we were writing and composing our own Leitmotifs for each character from Alice in Wonderland. Maia and I chose to do the white rabbit. Making my Leitmotif (theme tune) was really fun and the end result turned out great! To make our theme tune we used a program where we select an instrument and try to come up with a tune on the keyboard to resemble the character we were composing for.


We chose to do short taps on a xylophone and we put violins over the top so it would sound like the tick tock of the white rabbit’s watch! We both play the violin so we thought we would use that sound because we know the notes. When we had finished and saved it, we listened to it from the beginning and it was really good! We both really liked it but if we’d  had more time we would have made it longer. Thanks for reading! Megan!


Really Is This The End?

Part III

The knife prodding me in my back suddenly stopped and fell to the ground. Then I realised I had got out of the frying pan and into the fire. Instead of a little girl there it was a women trying to get my attention and looking like she really knew me but again I didn’t think I knew her! I ran and ran so fast that I tripped over a pebble. Behind me I could hear a distant ‘clomp, clomp’ over and over until it was next to me.

My worsted nightmare!

A work in progress . Part 1 (It’s a story by the way)

“How was work today , Dad ?” said Megan . He didn’t answer . “Dad ?” she said again . I had a horrible feeling in my stomach . Something was wrong . Very wrong . At that moment there was  a shout from outside . I didn’t catch the words , but I’d probably be glad I didn’t . All I know is that I heard Dad’s name at the end . We were having dinner . Dad jumped up from the table , spilling Bolognese all over his crisp white shirt . He was obviously very focused , otherwise he would have stripped off the shirt , wiped off the Bolognese and chucked it straight in the washing machine .

He ran to the front door , flinging it open . He then ran out to where he thought he had heard the shout . Megan and I started wiping up the Bolognese off the floor and table . “Meg , stay here and keep guard of the house . We don’t want anything being stolen do we ?” . She saluted me , and then went to put the saucy tissues in the bin . I ran out of the front door , scanning my surroundings for Dad . He wasn’t there . Nor anyone else . I looked back toward the house and Megan was standing in the open doorway , also searching the surrounding area for anyone dangerous .



During are cooking lesson we did are first practical lesson we made cupcakes.


  1. So we put in all of our ingredients in a mixing bowl and stirred it up.
  2. We added in our optional ingredients. Mine was dried blueberry.
  3. Then we had to wash up all up which was really boring
  4. Then put in them for 10 minutes they could bake.
  5. After that, take them out and enjoy.

For 9 cupcakes

  • 50g of soft butter
  • 50g of cater sugar
  • 50g of self-rising flour
  • 1 eggIona3
  • 40 grams of dried fruit or chocolate chips
  • Bowl
  • Wooden spoon and kitchen spoon
  • Sieve
  • Cupcake rack
  • Cooling rack


By Sean




The Lifecycle of a Star (Lg8 Science)

This term my learning group started a new topic on space and today we learnt The Lifecycle of a Star.

It starts with Stella Nebula which is the beginning of a brand new star then either transforms into an average star (like our sun) or perhaps a massive star. Each type of star has a different road of life.

To start, the average star then expands into a red giant star. Afterwards it transforms into a planetary nebula which is tiny. Soon the star cools down and this process can take millions of years. Eventually the average star will be a white dwarf planet like Pluto. Lastly once its cooled down completed it would be a black dwarf planet. This is the lifecycle of an average star.

Next is our massive star and this transforms into a red supergiant which is HUGE!! As this star gains so much energy it will explode and this is called a supernova. To end a massive star there are two exits. The first one is a neutron star and the other is a black hole. This is the lifecycle of a massive star.

The Lifecycle of a Star – Science Lg8 – Polly 🙂


Really Is This The End?

Part II

“Ok you can go home now little girl, you don’t have to listen to Meredith you know she wouldn’t dare hurt you.” I looked at her and smiled, then I saw ‘it’s’ face. My mouth froze in a silent scream. As she grabbed a knife and pushed me into an alley way. I wasn’t safe anymore…

Hope you all enjoyed this part and the next part should be up by tonight.