A work in progress . Part 1 (It’s a story by the way)

“How was work today , Dad ?” said Megan . He didn’t answer . “Dad ?” she said again . I had a horrible feeling in my stomach . Something was wrong . Very wrong . At that moment there was  a shout from outside . I didn’t catch the words , but I’d probably be glad I didn’t . All I know is that I heard Dad’s name at the end . We were having dinner . Dad jumped up from the table , spilling Bolognese all over his crisp white shirt . He was obviously very focused , otherwise he would have stripped off the shirt , wiped off the Bolognese and chucked it straight in the washing machine .

He ran to the front door , flinging it open . He then ran out to where he thought he had heard the shout . Megan and I started wiping up the Bolognese off the floor and table . “Meg , stay here and keep guard of the house . We don’t want anything being stolen do we ?” . She saluted me , and then went to put the saucy tissues in the bin . I ran out of the front door , scanning my surroundings for Dad . He wasn’t there . Nor anyone else . I looked back toward the house and Megan was standing in the open doorway , also searching the surrounding area for anyone dangerous .

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