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A work in progress , Part 3

Dad wolfed down the cereal bar then – like a greyhound – bolted down the path leading to his lab . I followed close behind , but I was sure I’d never be as fast as Dad .We ducked under low hanging willows and leaped over fallen branches , like we were about to die in the next thirty seconds . We finally reached … a dead end . Ooops . Dad had somehow swallowed his heart , yet mine was still in my mouth . He pressed a panel of the restricting fence , and the concrete suddenly swung downwards , somewhat like a trapdoor , leaving me gobsmacked and Dad with a smug smile on his face . ” OK , quickly jump down here  and I’ll tell you what to do . ” So I leapt into this mysterious hole , wondering what I should do next . I was in the dark , mentally and literally . Then Dad flicked a switch , and I saw – um –  well .

Food lessons and tasting! (flapjack recipe as well!)

Hi guys!

This term our learning group took up food in our product design lessons. I know for a fact that everyone has been really enjoying cooking lots of different recipes and trying out a load of different skills, tastes and textures.

Last week we had a taste test to try some fruits and vegetables and see what we thought of them. We weren’t told what they were and only had the appearance to judge them. Here’s what we tried and how I rated them:

Butternut Squash: 3/5

Asparagus: 5/5

Mango: 4/5


Lychee: 0/5

I really enjoyed doing this and I know a lot of other people in.


Recently, our learning group made flapjacks and everyone’s turned out so well. Here is the recipe to make our delicious flapjack:

70g of margarine or butter

2 tablespoons of golden syrup

50g white or light brown sugar

150g porridge oats


First grease a tin with oil or butter.

Melt the fat and the syrup and sugar whilst stirring with a wooden spoon.

Once its all melted, mix in all the oats and any dried fruits that you want to add.

Pour and press in the tin then put in the oven on gas mark 6 for 11 minutes.

Take out when golden brown and enjoy!


Alice in Wonderland

Hi, Everyone!

This year’s school production was Alice and found it’s self a cast of over 100 students! We started rehearsals in October time, and we performed last week! Having had such a huge cast, it was a big challenge and required a lot of commitment (involving Sunday rehearsals!) Mrs Harcom, our ambitious director, students and teachers created an amazing set of a huge working clock and light up tea cups hanging from the ceiling! It made the play very atmospheric with the smoke and book shelves wallpaper lining the side of the stage. Miss Eyles and the dancers worked hard on the play’s choreography and performed them!

Characters included Alice, herself (curious and kind), the Madhatter(well, just… mad) and ofcourse, the Queen of Hearts (who stayed in character even backstage!) And the narrators, Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee, were comic characters and linked all the scenes.

We had great audiences and booked out 3 of 4 performances. Everyone worked so hard (it payed off!) and was a brilliant experience!

What does Britain mean to you?

British Values

In collective worship we are thinking about British values, and what it means to us.

I love Britain because of everything that surrounds us British Citizens. We should be extremely grateful for what we have compared to other countries. For instance  other countries are going through wars, terrorist attacks, natural disasters (sunami,tornado,), children educate in filthy, abandoned and torn apart schools, homeless people live countries like Africa and the Philopenes.

Because of whats going on in the world I think Britian is a very fortunate place to grow up and live in.

But what makes Britian, Britian?

I think that this country has respect, care, love, appreciation, peace, faith, law and beliefs. And I know that other countries have these values but I think they stand out particularly around Britain.

But also I believe that Britain is known for its postbox, english tea, fish and chips and our famous landmarks.

But think now that you’ve read my blog is that the only things that Britain means to you and comment what they mean to you.

Thank you for hopefully reading my blog.

Yours Faithfully,


BBC 500 words update

Hello Viewers ! You will be pleased to know that I am in the progress of writing my 500 words story and I can’t wait to show you . Hopefully I will get into the top 50 , but if not I’ll post it on a new blog . See you soon and keep reading !

From Emily 🙂


During our P.E session we didn’t go outside instead we went to the gym to play the schools best invented game crash ball. What it is you have 4 crash mats which are the posts and you have one side fielders and one side batters its a bit like rounder’s. but when you are being bowled at instead of hitting it with a bat you hit it with your fist. Then you run around the mats to stay at a base you either land on your stomach or on both knees on the crash mat. we completely destroyed 7lg5 we got 18 they got 14

Alice in Wonderland review (2016 play)

When I watched this years St Laurence performance, I found that it was amazing!! Many Thanks to director Mrs Harcom and choreographer Miss Eyles for creating an energetic and fantastic show. I believed that all the actors and actresses were absolutely brilliant and really brought their own characters to life. My favourite characters were the narrators, Alice and Alice’s child played by my twin sister Lucy.

I would recommend taking part next year as it sounds awesome to be backstage and I will audition to be a dancer because I do love dancing.

Polly 🙂

When He floats on his oceans (full story)

I dipped my toes in the ocean and as I combined the coldness and the fun of the waves, I splashed my brother. He squealed and his laughter filled my ears. I could see Mum lying on the sand with her thatched sun hat on shading her eyes.

I used to spend hours on this beach with my Dad, Mum and my brother Brandon but I don’t anymore. Dad hasn’t spoken to me since I was 10 years old (three years ago) just after my brother came home from hospital. Brandon received a spine injury causing him to not be able to walk, when he was 5 and as result of this our parents split up. Mum cared about him and said it doesn’t matter how different Brandon is, he’s still my brother and always will be. Dad hated him  and knew in his heart, he couldn’t stay to see Brandon suffer, so he left us. His family.

However Dad was so wrong. Brandon is a delightful 8 year old who is ,yes in a wheelchair, but still goes to school and his classmates aren’t bothered with it as much as they used to.

In the first few days of my brother’s disability Mum and me were so over protective.

In fact I still am but Mum lets him do whatever he wants, though still keeps an eye on him obviously . He plays on this beach every day and always comes here after school (our house is a 10 minute walk away) It is like a second home to him and also to me.

Last night I told my brother that this beach will always be here and that he can use as his new home. He said to me “One day Abi I will be owning the ocean and I will float away on its waves,”

I know that ambition sounds mad but it’s his and I will be there when Brandon achieves it. When he floats on his oceans. When he’s finally free.