A work in progress , Part 3

Dad wolfed down the cereal bar then – like a greyhound – bolted down the path leading to his lab . I followed close behind , but I was sure I’d never be as fast as Dad .We ducked under low hanging willows and leaped over fallen branches , like we were about to die in the next thirty seconds . We finally reached … a dead end . Ooops . Dad had somehow swallowed his heart , yet mine was still in my mouth . He pressed a panel of the restricting fence , and the concrete suddenly swung downwards , somewhat like a trapdoor , leaving me gobsmacked and Dad with a smug smile on his face . ” OK , quickly jump down here¬† and I’ll tell you what to do . ” So I leapt into this mysterious hole , wondering what I should do next . I was in the dark , mentally and literally . Then Dad flicked a switch , and I saw – um –¬† well .

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