the magic porridge pot Drama

In drama we started turning a folk story in to a play. Our group had dancing cupboards which were really funny. Here is the story so far that I have partially made up. It was winter at the farm long ago. In the house lived a old lady and a farmer, the lady said “the cupboards are completely empty what shall we eat we have to sell our last cow”. The next day the sad farmer walked dragged the cow down to the market there he met a little man with a long white beard he said “That’s a nice cow you have is she for sale” The farmer said “yes”. The little old man said “I will trade that cow for this porridge pot” The farmer looked down at the old battered pot. He was about to say “no but then he heard a voice “take me  take me” he thought he was going mad. But he heard it again “take me take me”. He thought but he remembered it must be a magic pot he quickly made the trade and took the pot home.

That’s all for now more next week.


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