Continue from Olivia’s Post: Frankenstein

Hi. In class I also wrote a story from the topic of Villains and Heroes so after you have read this post, go and check out Olivia’s story and post. It’s really good! Here is my story:

I stepped out for the first time. My foot sunk into the deep, crisp snow as cold as the air. I was isolated by nothingness, suffocated by the sound of being alone, the echoes of loneliness. I could see gaps into the ice, the deep, dark ocean. Midnight blue, nothing down there for miles. But I know it was all my fault, me, here, alone. If I had just stopped this wouldn’t have happened. Now I stopped, in the cold place far from home. I stopped and sobbed creating puddles as big as the ocean around me. Surrounded me, consumed me. Then and there I knew that my last guilty cry would be my last…

I hope you like it! Bye

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