Villains and Heroes: Frankenstein

In English, we have recently been exploring Mary Shelley’s novel ‘Frankenstein’. Since I have never read the original (or any other adaptation for that matter!), I am looking forward to learning the story and reading the play, as I love drama. In class, we wrote short descriptive stories relevant to the picture on the board, which depicted a huge expanse of iced over ocean and a ship in the distance. This was mine…

Snow was lathered on the stubborn ice. The sky, unrecognisable, adopted the same emptiness as the ground beneath. Pure, some might call it. Dangerous. I think. Height came tearing through the desolation. Poles and rigs, planks and voices. It conceals its gasps for colour. But I am white. Until brown, when the next dirty shoe steps on me. Before untouched, I now wear the tracks of mankind.



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