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This is my healthy eating blog.

Have you ever thought about what you’re eating for lunch ?

If you’re feeling hungry, it’s alright to go for 5 items in your lunch. However, try to have 3 or less if you are just having lunch.

Hungry person should have: Sandwich, crisps, fruit, yogurt, chocolate in their lunch.

Good choices:

Sandwiches; try to have salad of some sort and possibly brown bread. Cheese is also good for  you, but try to avoid chocolate spread or jam sandwiches.

Sweet; try to add something fruity

Recently I found a new drink I believe lots of people will enjoy: soya milk. Soya milk has no dairy in it, so people who are lactose intolerant can enjoy milk in a different way. Also, at first it tastes like cream, then custard. Yum!

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