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Continue from Olivia’s Post: Frankenstein

Hi. In class I also wrote a story from the topic of Villains and Heroes so after you have read this post, go and check out Olivia’s story and post. It’s really good! Here is my story:

I stepped out for the first time. My foot sunk into the deep, crisp snow as cold as the air. I was isolated by nothingness, suffocated by the sound of being alone, the echoes of loneliness. I could see gaps into the ice, the deep, dark ocean. Midnight blue, nothing down there for miles. But I know it was all my fault, me, here, alone. If I had just stopped this wouldn’t have happened. Now I stopped, in the cold place far from home. I stopped and sobbed creating puddles as big as the ocean around me. Surrounded me, consumed me. Then and there I knew that my last guilty cry would be my last…

I hope you like it! Bye

Food lessons and tasting! (flapjack recipe as well!)

Hi guys!

This term our learning group took up food in our product design lessons. I know for a fact that everyone has been really enjoying cooking lots of different recipes and trying out a load of different skills, tastes and textures.

Last week we had a taste test to try some fruits and vegetables and see what we thought of them. We weren’t told what they were and only had the appearance to judge them. Here’s what we tried and how I rated them:

Butternut Squash: 3/5

Asparagus: 5/5

Mango: 4/5


Lychee: 0/5

I really enjoyed doing this and I know a lot of other people in.


Recently, our learning group made flapjacks and everyone’s turned out so well. Here is the recipe to make our delicious flapjack:

70g of margarine or butter

2 tablespoons of golden syrup

50g white or light brown sugar

150g porridge oats


First grease a tin with oil or butter.

Melt the fat and the syrup and sugar whilst stirring with a wooden spoon.

Once its all melted, mix in all the oats and any dried fruits that you want to add.

Pour and press in the tin then put in the oven on gas mark 6 for 11 minutes.

Take out when golden brown and enjoy!


All about me!


My name is Emily and I am in year 7 at St Laurence School. I am in 7LG5 and am thoroughly enjoying every second of this new school.  St Laurence school is in Bradford-on-Avon, Wiltshire and is a great school which offers a wide range of opportunities. One of the things that has made my transition very calm and easy has been the friendliness from teachers to pupils and the chances I have been given to have a go at. I have a confession, I may have committed to one too many things, which has not been the best of plans and can sometimes put me under stress and pressure. However, I love being busy and having lots of things to do, so these commitments  were worth a lot and all of these exciting opportunities are lots of fun and don’t regret a bit of the time!

My favourite subject is Drama but I love all of them! I hope to vary in my post and hope you enjoy reading them.

I was really excited to take on this role as a blogger for year 7 and St Laurence school. I hope you enjoyed reading this and I hope to post again soon.

Thank you