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genetic engineering

My blog is about the ability to create dinosaurs using D.N.A, and with the genetic code you can also make any other animal on the earth, and make new animals using the D.N.A of other animals a bit like in Jurassic park/world. But you can also make fish sharks and whales  or even prehistoric water life. You could also make a human if you had the right D.N.A but you can not make an animal without considering the corresponding traits of other animals because you could make it and it could act differently than you expected.


We should be able to make a dinosaur using dioxerebonuklikacid and genetics

if we make dinosaurs from dioxerebonuklikacid and genetics it will create a cell that cant live and will die but in theory if we can take out the bad bits of dioxerebonuklikacid and replace it with good dioxerebonuklikacid and the cell will be able to live, although it will take more than words to make scientists agree letting dinosaurs walk the earth once again, weather the T-rex will become the king of the world would have to be impossible if the human race is going to survive the dinosaurs.



space news

Keplar 22 B. now scientists are looking for a planet just like earth so that when the earth does go into the sun we can evacuate the earth, leave the solar system and go to an inhabitable planet were we can survive and continue life as normal just on another planet!!!

Harvey the hamster

I enjoy these few things

I enjoy science because I like biology, genetics, DNA, and using particals.

I also enjoy playing on my Xbox and tablet because I get to be on my own and talk to my friends on stuff like Gmail hangouts I go to st Laurence secondary school.

my favourite animal is pigs there so cute!!!