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Villains and Heroes: Frankenstein

In English, we have recently been exploring Mary Shelley’s novel ‘Frankenstein’. Since I have never read the original (or any other adaptation for that matter!), I am looking forward to learning the story and reading the play, as I love drama. In class, we wrote short descriptive stories relevant to the picture on the board, which depicted a huge expanse of iced over ocean and a ship in the distance. This was mine…

Snow was lathered on the stubborn ice. The sky, unrecognisable, adopted the same emptiness as the ground beneath. Pure, some might call it. Dangerous. I think. Height came tearing through the desolation. Poles and rigs, planks and voices. It conceals its gasps for colour. But I am white. Until brown, when the next dirty shoe steps on me. Before untouched, I now wear the tracks of mankind.



Alice in Wonderland

Hi, Everyone!

This year’s school production was Alice and found it’s self a cast of over 100 students! We started rehearsals in October time, and we performed last week! Having had such a huge cast, it was a big challenge and required a lot of commitment (involving Sunday rehearsals!) Mrs Harcom, our ambitious director, students and teachers created an amazing set of a huge working clock and light up tea cups hanging from the ceiling! It made the play very atmospheric with the smoke and book shelves wallpaper lining the side of the stage. Miss Eyles and the dancers worked hard on the play’s choreography and performed them!

Characters included Alice, herself (curious and kind), the Madhatter(well, just… mad) and ofcourse, the Queen of Hearts (who stayed in character even backstage!) And the narrators, Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee, were comic characters and linked all the scenes.

We had great audiences and booked out 3 of 4 performances. Everyone worked so hard (it payed off!) and was a brilliant experience!

Setting the scene!

The silky scarf of black laps at the sand; the slivers left of cloud slowly disperse and begin to reveal the moon. I press my nose against the window and watch it mist up with the heat from my breath. My finger traces the outline of the sea. The clock tells me its 11:00, my mind tells me ‘bed’. My stomach lurches forward as I inhale the faint, lingering smell from the torn chip packages strewn on the sand.
The cabin’s cold. Reaching forwards for the blanket, I knock the little clock over. The hour hand swings round in a perfect circle, to the right. Great. Apparently, its only 10 o’clock. Surely my shift’s over now? No one’s swimming. My eyes slide over to the row of life jackets.
Creak-snap. I advert my attention to the door. My ears sharpen… but nothing. Just the gentle clicking of time.

About me, Olivia

Hi Everyone!

I am Olivia and I go to St Laurence School! Having got a blog of my own, I love blogging and hope you enjoy reading our posts as much as we enjoy writing them! I am loving St Laurence and all the opportunities that it offers! The transition from Primary school to Secondary has been really smooth and school has ensured that we can all settle in well. That also means embracing all the homework set…

I love art and the freedom you have to be creative! I also love writing and so enjoy English. Writing stories is a particular favourite! Since auditioning 3 years ago, I have been a cast member of a theatre company and have performed in their plays; I really love acting the drama as a subject!

Thank you for reading this post and  hope you like the many more posts to come!